Industrial Robots in China

The world's largest market for industrial robots

China has become the most important sales market for industrial robots in the world since 2013. In 2021, the country was responsible for over 40 percent of global sales of industrial robots. And the future perspectives look promising: The Chinese government wants to make the country an industrial powerhouse, and robots are a part of this. 

During recent years, China has increased its number of robotics scientists. The country‘s large industrial base provides plenty of sales potential. In fields such as battery making or photovoltaics, China is so advanced that production knowhow from there is now transferred to other countries. Subsidies and fierce competition are bringing down prices, which will pave the way for new robotics applications. Also, Chinese robotics companies are increasingly eyeing the US and the EU, hoping to charge higher prices there than in their hyper-competitive home market.

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Precise and dependable information is crucial to suceed in this environment. Therefore, we are updating this popular report for the fifth time since 2015. Based on our longtime experience in the Chinese automation industry and countless insider interviews, customers obtain comprehensive information about the Chinese robotics market in 2021 with segment specific outlooks until 2025.

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Our Trend Report "Robotics in China" is a comprehensive update of our popular report from 2020 and is available for purchase.

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