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Agrobotics Database

The growing demand for sustainability and efficiency in agriculture is met with a dwindling labor supply. As a result, agricultural machinery is increasingly moving towards autonomy, enhanced performance, and improved precision. Many autonomous agricultural machines and robots (Agrobotics) have already moved beyond the prototype stage. In the next ten years, we will witness developments in agricultural technology that haven't been seen in the last 50 years.

Based on our long-standing experience in the field of mobile working machines, our team has systematically analyzed the innovations in the area of agrobotics and documented them in an extensive database.

Examples of autonomous tractors and platforms.

Tractors with
seed drills
AgXeedAgBot  .  .  .
Krone/LemkenVTE  .  .  .
John DeereSESAM2*8R  .  .
HorschRO 1  .RO 24G  .
NEXAT  .  .  .Plant production
CNH Raven  .  .Omnipower  .

*Sustainable Energy Supply for Agricultural Machinery

Autonomous agricultural machinery and robots are used throughout agricultural technology

The above table shows only a small selection. Our database now contains more than 200 autonomous agricultural machines and robots.
In detail, there are:

  • 45 autonomous tractors
  • 87 outdoor platforms
  • 30 harvesters
  • 29 drones
  • 15 attachments.

Database with comprehensive information about autonomous agricultural machines.

The database provides you with comprehensive information on manufacturers of autonomous agricultural machines and current market information.

The machines are categorized according to the prime mover, drive and work functions, automation and sensor technology.
Also included are technical specifications. Likewise, you will receive an allocation for each machine for the respective applications.

Autonomous agricultural machines and robots redefine agricultural technology

Autonomous agricultural machines and robots will permanently change global agricultural technology:

  • Autonomous tractors are gaining in importance and substituting conventional tractors.
  • Automated implements (mounted or trailed implements), which make up the existing agricultural technology, will gain importance.
    Equipped with appropriate sensors and intelligence, they will be able to control the tractor and thus the entire process in the future.
  • Implement manufacturers will become system providers. Tractor manufacturers will have to redefine themselves.
  • Harvesting machines such as combine harvesters face competition from companies such as Nexat, which offer a holistic crop production system.
    In the case of combine harvesters, the focus today is still on further automation, but here, too, new designs are to be expected.

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