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Trend report: Intralogistics in China 2023

A dynamic growth market

The intralogistics sector in China is a dynamic growth market: rising labor costs, high employee turnover, an aging population and the need for faster and more reliable material flows in manufacturing facilities are creating a growing demand for efficient, modern intralogistics systems. In addition, Chinese Internet companies have recognized that fast and efficient delivery processes are a crucial competitive advantage. Accordingly, Alibaba for instance has announced plans to invest US$ 15 billion in logistics over the next five years. A good part of this will flow into intralogistics.

Leapfrogging: Turning the lack of infrastructure into an opportunity

Upgrades which have taken five to ten years in Europe are currently being implemented by companies like or Cainiao within six months. They have a strong understanding of the latest technologies and are adapting them to their specific requirements. 

23% CAGR expected

The potential is still enormous: at present, China still spends around 15 percent of its GDP for logistics - in more developed economies, the corresponding percentage is only eight to nine percent. Accordingly, the companies we surveyed, expect a compound average growth rate of 23 percent for intralogistics in China until the year 2023.

Cooperation a prerequisite for success

This report provides valuable insights into the most important segments of this market. Domestic companies have developed advanced capabilities during the last years, and the Chinese government is pushing for more localization. Cooperation with strong local partners is a key success factor. In this report you will find all the relevant players along the value chain - from equipment suppliers to system integrators, large end customers and noteworthy start-ups.

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78 pages detailing the intralogistics market in China and covering 64 companies. Based our longtime experience in the Chinese automation industry and numerous expert interviews.

Table of contents

1 Definition of the intralogistics market 4

2 Major milestones in intralogistics in China 7

3 The Chinese intralogistics market according to sales industries 11

3.1 Intralogistics in the Chinese tobacco industry 13

3.2 Intralogistics in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry 14

3.3 Intralogistics in the Chinese automotive industry 15

3.4 Intralogistics in the Chinese E-Commerce industry 17

4 Value chain analysis 26

4.1 Sorting equipment 29

4.2 Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) 32

4.3 Warehouse management and warehouse control systems (WMS/WCS) 35

4.4 AGVs 39

4.5 Intralogistics system integrators 53

5 Technology trends: IoT, Blockchain, Drones and AI Government policies 64

6 Government policies 70

7 Outlook: Intralogistics in China until 2023 74


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