Landmaschinen in China30.06.2015

CAAMM Unternehmerreise Deutschland 2015

The CAAMM VIP trip to Germany was co-organized by STM and CAAMM. During the 12-day trip, senior management from leading Chinese agricultural machinery OEMs and component suppliers visited seven German component suppliers and three manufacturers of agricultural machinery. 

The companies visited included hydraulic system suppliers, such as Argo Hytos and HAWE, manufacturers of sensors and other electronic components, such as ifm and elobau, cabin supplier Fritzmeier, the drive technology firm ZF and engine manufacturer MAN. The OEMs visited included Grimme, Claas and Krone.

The German hosts spent a lot of efforts for this visit. They were all keen to understand the current development of the Chinese agricultural machinery industry. At the trip, Mr. Ning, the Secretary General of CAAMM was invited to give a speech with respect to the status quo of the agricultural machinery market in China. German companies also presented themselves, their products as well as their management philosophies. Besides, Chinese participants were invited to look around their production lines to gain deeper understandings.

For Chinese participants, the major purpose of this trip was to learn, communicate and seek for potential co-operation opportunities between Chinese and German companies. By the end of this trip, they have gained first-hand experiences of highly automated factories, advanced quality management philosophies and humanized talent pool strategy. The Chinese participants were amazed by their practices of field management on the manufacturing floors, assembly process and product testing system, which have already reached great levels of informatization and automation.

During the trip, CAAMM was impressed by the German practice of quality awareness. Every company in our trip list conducts 100% quality inspection and they simulate extreme conditions for product testing purpose. Secondly, Germany’s vocational education and training system, in which companies directly cooperate with vocational schools and provide more than 2 years’ paid training programs to students, has demonstrated its positive effects on talent supply and employee retention. Although students have the right to choose whether to start their careers in these companies by the end of the training period, statistics showed that more than 70% choose to stay. Lastly, their advanced logistic system as well as information-based field management and testing system inspired Chinese participants a lot. As the origin of Industrial 4.0, German enterprises strive to streamline production efficiency by improving automation levels to their greatest potential.

The core value of this CAAMM’s trip to Germany is that it successfully facilitated a platform for mutual communication between Chinese and German agricultural machinery industry players, as well as created a solid ground for the future co-operation between the two countries.