Project examples

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The market for variable peristaltic pump drives in Europe and the USA (2009)

Client: Industrial enterprise, Switzerland

Market analysis for plant and pipeline engineering in biotechnology, pharma and fine chemicals (2006)

  • Project workshop
  • Market and competition analysis in biotechnology, pharma and fine chemicals
  • Identification of acquisition-targets and cooperation partners
  • Strategic recommendations for product and service portfolio

Client: Plant engineering company, Austria

Market potential for Hydraulic Cylinders in MedTech (2008)

  • Project workshop
  • Applications and market volume for hydraulic cylinders
  • Requirements and demand in contacted companies
  • Target prices
  • Strategic recommendations for product and service portfolio

Client: Worldwide suppliers for gas springs and hydraulic vibration dampers, Germany

The European Market for Sealing Technology in the MedTech sector (2005/2006)

  • Product/Market workshop
  • Demand and requirements in different market segments in Medical Technology
  • Potential clients
  • Identification of companies for acquisition and cooperation
  • Strategic recommendations for market entry and cultivation

Client: Sealing Manufacturer, Germany

Global market analysis for components of drive technology in selected branches (2005/2006)

  • Product/market workshop
  • Global market analysis (Europe, USA, Japan)
  • Product requirements and target prices
  • Competitive situation
  • Strategic recommendations

Client: Leading manufacturer of drive technology, Germany

Market analysis hydraulic components in Germany (2007)

  • Analysis of the market for selected hydraulic components in Germany in the industry and mobile sector
  • Illustration of important technological and commercial requirements
  • Supply analysis and identification of potential partner companies
  • Desk research and phone interviews

Client: Fluid technology manufacturer, Germany

New markets and products for a manufacturer of automation technology in the field of mobile hydraulics and mobile equipment in Europe, USA and Asia (2004)

  • Workshop: market and technology trends
  • Global manufacturers of mobile working machinery
  • Market situation and future development
  • Worldwide interviews with machine manufacturers
  • Analysis of competition and potential partners
  • Workshop results and recommendations

Client: Manufacturer of automation equipment, Denmark/Germany

Trend analysis for hydraulic pumps (1999)

  • Market volumina and future trends
  • Situation in the supply market
  • Entry barriers and chances
  • Recommendations for product portfolio and market cultivation

Client: Fluid technology manufacturer, Denmark/Germany

Market for electronics worldwide (2011)

  • Production volume for specific mechanical engineering worldwide
  • Applications and market volume for electronics in specific markets
  • Future trends in electronics
  • Important electronic manufacturers worldwide

Client: Finance Advisory Company, Europe