New Multi-Client-Study10.12.2013

Mobile Working Machines Worldwide

A market bigger than €300 bn

Mobile working machines consist of construction equipment, agricultural machines and material handling equipment. These machines are crucial for modern infrastructure, an efficient food production and up-to-date logistics. Together, these industries reach a sales volume of more than €300 bn globally.

Construction machines

Road building equipment, earth moving machines and concrete equipment reached a total sales volume of more than €150 bn. Due to on-going investments in infrastructure and increasing urbanization, construction equipment will experience a further growth worldwide. China is the biggest market for construction equipment, followed by North America and Europe. Despite problems in 2012 and 2013, the Chinese market will continue to play an important role during the next years.

Agricultural machines

Today’s production volume of agricultural machines is approximately €90 bn. Europe and America are the strongest markets today and will stay important also in the future. We expect a strong growth in Asia, especially in China. Globally oriented companies increase the number of production facilities or the production capacities, mainly in BRIC-countries.

Material handling equipment

Material handling equipment contains electrical and IC-forklifts as well as mobile cranes. The global sales volume is approximately €90 bn. After a decade of strong growth, China has become the biggest manufacturer of material handling equipment (by units), followed by Europe and the USA.


STM has almost 20 years of experience in Mobile Working Machines and an extensive knowledge of the related industries in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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